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Slips are usually printed at the same time as the boards. These allow for the boards wording to be changed, for example changing a ‘For Sale’ board to read ‘Sold’. Bespoke slips can also be produced ad-hoc to promote special events. It is currently very popular to promote school summer and Christmas fetes.



Posts are 50mm2 and range from 8ft to 10ft in length. They come as standard in white, however they can be painted to any colour you wish. All our timber comes from sustainable resources.



Nylon fixings enable a board to be attached to a post and then slips to be attached to the board. There are six standard colours – White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. However it is possible to match to a specific colour if required.








metpostMetal Stakes

Sometimes it is not possible to attach a board to a property. The solution is to stake the board into the ground. We provide 50mm stakes designed specifically for use with estate agency boards in mind. Driven 2ft in into the ground, these ensure your boards will remain firmly in place.