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Xpress Signs realise that high volumes of plastics, inks and timber are used in the production of estate agency signage. We are highly conscious of the impact our industry has on the environment and are committed to trying whenever possible to reduce that impact.

Our signs are made from corrugated plastic, designed with recycling in mind. Even when printed on, the boards can be recycled to form almost any non-food packaging plastic. We work in conjunction with the recycling industry to try to limit the amount of plastic signage that ends up in landfill sites.

Our screen printing inks are all made from organic compounds. There is always waste ink when printing is finished and screens are washed and we ensure this waste is correctly disposed of. The waste inks are stored in metal drums and sent off to a specialist, regulated company who deal responsibly with their disposal. This limits any ink that may find its way into the waterways of the UK. Our digital print facility use only Eco-Solvent inks. Waste from these is disposed of in the same way as the screen printers’ inks.

Our timber is sourced from renewable Scandinavian forests grown specifically for timber use. These forests are continually being replanted to ensure the timber is sustainable and causing the least possible impact on the environment.